If your plans for retirement turned out to not be true, when would you want to know?

Chad J. Karl, Certified Financial Planner™ professional, Creates Financial Strategies for Your Retirement Goals to obtain a work optional confident lifestyle in retirement...

With more than 10,000 people turning 65 every day in the US and people living longer, healthier lives; there is greater anxiety over one’s confidence and ability to retire without running out of money. In fact, a recent Forbes survey, nearly one fifth of respondents said they will work past age 70.
Life is too short to be intimidated about your finances and retirement…
My heart aches for those that feel like they will never have enough money. Some people might feel anxious, nervous, or overwhelmed about being able to retire. You shouldn’t have to work longer than you expected. You also shouldn’t have to go back to work after you retire, not unless you choose to. In addition, there is so much “noise” surrounding the markets and finances and misinformation in the media, causing many people to be stuck in fear.
Feel confident in your retirement…
You should have confidence in your ability to retire when you want to and with a work optional lifestyle enjoying time with family and friends, while participating in the activities that mean most to you. But you need strategies to get you to and through retirement. With “Financial Strategies for Your Retirement Goals,” your investments should come together in simple and easy to understand plans that help meet your dreams. The transition into retirement should make you feel accomplished, calm, peaceful, and empowered. You deserve to thrive in retirement, not just merely survive.
For over 29 years, I have helped hundreds of people transition into retirement with confidence in their strategies and plans. I started investing when I was 11 because there was a common theme in our household that there was just never enough money so my parents had hired a financial planner 2 years earlier.

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